A Preview of the Kickstarter Title ‘Time Raid’

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A Time Traveling Experience from Quantum Bit Studios


Puzzle and time manipulation games stand alone among the vast amount of content distributed in the gaming industry. While most adventure games have players running and gunning, sneaking through the shadows, investigating specified areas or solving elaborate riddles, there are a few titles that have players controlling the physics of time itself; and Quantum Bit Studios debut title, Time Raid, looks to take this concept even further.

Developers Jarid Ingebrand and Matt LaMarche make up the small indie team Quantum Bit Studios. After 2 years of concept design and figuring out all of the quirks, Time Raid has made significant strides in reaching production. Still, hurdles stand in the way and now the team is looking to receive some help from the inspiring community of Kickstarter to take their debut title to the next level.

Your Artificial Intelligence, Alice

You begin the story by awakening to the artificial intelligence, Alice. Alice is a major supporting role in Time Raid, not only for the story but for how the game functions properly. Rising from a mysterious surgery, Alice introduces the player to the unnatural ability to create dozens and dozens of replicated version of yourself by manipulating time. Being in many places at once is the key behind Time Raid, but figuring out how to get there is the trick.

Upon death, the main character is returned to their life just moments before. Accomplishing certain tasks, i.e. triggering pressure plates, shooting enemies or using keys are only a few of the significant game changers found throughout the time bending puzzler, Time Raid. Completing these small objectives, dying and being sent back to square one, completing another task right beside your former self and repeating this process works as the primary source of challenges. Figuring out how to open all doors at once, activate all pressure plates and remove all enemies providing a safe and secure escape route is no easy feat. Luckily, the game’s engine can support up to 100 versions of the player in one open area puzzle.

Awakening after a mysterious surgery, Alice will guide you through a series of time manipulating challenges.
Create Up to 100 Versions of Yourself

Creating clone after clone, all running about proceeding with various tasks can leave things pretty hectic. After so many dozens of former iterations are left triggering bridges and doors, some may happen to run into one another. This occurrence is known as an anomaly and can make things rather complicated, or worse completely wreck your entire drawn out plan. The AI, Alice, was invented specifically for this reason.

Working as the game’s primary source of information and guidance, Alice also acts as the real-life code in the game to keep versions of yourself from getting in each other’s way. Keeping pace with the rest of the game, Alice ensues fluid interactions and smooth gameplay when things begin to get a little cluttered.

Tons of versions of yourself can be produced to accomplish a variety of tasks to help you progress further through the game.

Another interesting aspect of Time Raid, other than the time travel itself, is the ability to duplicate object. Certain puzzles may ask for a number of a specific object to proceed further. By holding onto an object – in this case we’ll say a potted plant – players may then travel back to the point where they picked up the original, leaving them with two instead of the initial one. With these sort of mechanics in play, there’s no telling what sort of challenging puzzles await in the full version of Time Raid.

Help Make Things Happen at Time Raid’s Kickstarter Page

While Time Raid still sits in the relatively early stages of production, pledgers and backers are urged to help fund this unique title for a full release. Plenty of rewards and in-game credits are handed out for backers, ranging from your name in the credits and a t-shirt, to having your very own character modeled in the game. Whether its $5 or the coveted $10,000 pledge (this one earns you a hand-delivered burrito… Now we’re talking!), the team behind Quantum Bit Studio is sure to deliver some tasty rewards for pledges of all sizes.

A debut title from an indie studio dedicated to bringing something different to the table. Tackling the ever-so tedious puzzle genre while adding a time traveling mechanic in third person perspective is sure to liven up the indie market. Check out the Kickstarter page for Time Raid now and help get this unique title off the ground.



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