Preview of the delightfully poetic and charming point and click title – She and the Light Bearer

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A Poetic Journey Awaits


The timeless genre of point and click video games has shown casual players pleasantly strong narrative pieces through surreal and highly imaginative settings. She and the Light Bearer, from the developers Mojiken Studios brings a wonderfully hand-drawn aesthetic amidst lush landscapes and a cushy poetic style of story telling. And it’s starting to look like a must play title for any fan or newcomer of the easy-going genre.


She and the Light Bearer starts off a tale about the colorful and absolutely gorgeous natural wonders of the land produced by the Mother. Resembling the likes of classic fairy tales, She and the Light Bearer will have players controlling The Little Firefly as they make their way towards the Mother to awaken her from her resting slumber. As the Mother drifted into a deep sleep the forest began dwindling away to help protect her. But now our persevering little hero will need to solve a slew of puzzles and interact with the many living creatures deep within to earn the forest’s trust.


She and the Light Bearer takes players on a journey through the forest as the little hero, The Little Firefly.
Through a Forest of Charismatic Characters

The game narrates the characters through absolutely adorable voice overs in some child-like imaginary tongue. The Little Firefly exclaims in high-pitched squeals and contorted mumbles which only add to the mythical aura. Our time with the demo of She and the Light Bearer was rather short but sweet, as we were only introduced to our hero and a peculiar bundle of flowers who acted as murmuring sisters. Aside from giving our fluttering protagonist a hard time, these pedal siblings push our firefly into completing various search and find tasks to help us further into the forests depths.


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Throughout the process you’ll discover flashing objects within the world to interact with. As any traditional point and click title goes, players will need to find appropriate items to help move the story along. Some objects may be obvious in helping push the narrative further, while often times you’ll need to return to specific items later in the game as the story and characters develop. The demo was about as casual as any game can get, but the overwhelming charm and poetry infused storytelling was enough to keep any fantasy swept player on board.

The cutesy hand-drawn art style is an absolute delight to gaze upon and eventually open up to. Though our short time only displayed a couple of areas, the intrigue of what else could be lurking in the forest only strengthens after 30-minutes or so finishing the demo. While not stretching for realism but more surrealism, She and the Light Bearer seems to add a broad sense of discovery and whimsical adventure to an otherwise easily accessible experience.


Throughout your journey players will undoubtedly meet new and intriguing characters made up of the mysterious forest.
Explore a Beautiful Hand-Drawn World

The poetic nature of the forthcoming adventure is a perfect touch to the fantastical setting. The theme and art style depict a soft rush of colorful characters in a world where it seems anything is possible. The few tasks we were confronted with came in easily approachable rhymes and verses only requiring a few simple clicks to discover the solutions. And after solving puzzles players are rewarded with thematic lore and dialogue to introduce you to the world of the Mother, and all she has created.

While the preview demo was short there’s no shortage of interesting occurrences and characters to breath in new intrigue. The interactions between the two speaking characters – our hero The Little Firefly and the bundle of flower sisters – was nothing short of charming and pleasantly entertaining. Bickering back and forth was anything but tense due to the light-hearted snaps and unbearably cute voice over works of the charismatic characters.


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Players will find themselves collecting various items, some of which uses may not be completely apparent right off the bat. The Little Firefly will carry a useful bag containing all of your finds throughout your adventure. Whether solving simple puzzles or discovering a unique item that may be used at a later time, the item pouch is a crucial element to keeping key items relevant across your adventure. Combining discovered items with interactive background objects within the levels came easy enough within the preview, but hopefully won’t suffer from tedious trial and error phases during the final build of the game.

The Little Firefly is full of charm and heroic determination to meet the Mother and awaken her from her slumber.

All in all, She and the Light Bearer is shaping up to be a sheer joy of a poetic journey through an imaginative world of surreal and charming characters. With an all-too intriguing story line filled with enchanting creative imagery and lovable characters, Mojiken Studios is preparing to unleash the full release of She and the Light Bearer at a later date in 2018.

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