‘Project Cars 2 – Forza Motorsport 7 – Gran Turismo Sport’ Which Racing Sim Release will be Most Successful This Year?

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Its been referred to as the season of racing sim titles. With three huge racing sim franchises, one long-running since the late 90s, another arriving less than a decade after, and the other off to a quick start now with two releases in the series. All three have strong fan bases and immense driving mechanics.

To ask which of the three will be successful isn’t the appropriate question, as all three will surely see a fair line of success. But one of those three will most likely pull ahead of the others, shifting into a victory lap of their own. Many might think the sophomore release, Project Cars 2 may be that victor.

Being available on multiple platforms is certainly a huge profiting factor for the Slighty Mad developed title. Especially when the other 2 are exclusive to opposing consoles. The availability isn’t the only aspect gearing PC2 towards global fame and success, but the increased motorsport selection, advanced weather system and lively courses full of aggressive racers and race changing tactics.

Forza Motorsport 7 accomplished this task, and once again the stimulating weather system gives racers more to focus on when neck-and-neck in the final stretches of an enduring race. What FM7 adds to the mix is an enormous selection of cars to purchase, skidding well passed the 700 vehicle mark. This number greatly surpasses the combined number of racing machines available in both PC2 and GT Sport combined, leaving true car fans leaning towards the Microsoft exclusive.

Which brings us to the yet-to-be released exclusive Sony racer. The longest running of the three franchises, Polyphony Digital made their name known throughout the gaming world early on in the original Playstation era. With a huge selection of cars throughout the Gran Turismo series – with some releases hurdling over 1,000 cars available – the graphics, gameplay and countless selection of licensed vehicles, GT has a built a massive fan base on solid foundation. Now, with the promise of some new direction and focus on quality over quantity, Gran Turismo Sport is debuting the franchise on the current gen system. What seems to be missing from the 2017 formula is the dynamic weather, which has proven to add much more depth to the racing field.

There are promising reasons to play all three of these titles, that’s been made evident. All have their own unique modes, gorgeous graphics and by far some of the most comfortable and tuned mechanics to grace the racing genre. Only time will tell which franchise will reign supreme, but which one will you be getting?

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