PS4 Gets New Platformer, ‘Hidden Dragon Legend’ this August

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Yet another console exclusive coming to the PS4 will be hitting the Playstation Store next month, 2.5D platformer, Hidden Dragon Legend. Packed with fierce combat in ancient China, you’ll be jumping, grappling and puzzle-solving, along with a deep character RPG-like skill tree in this new platforming adventure.

As factions of ancient China battle for the Dragon Cauldron – an ancient object which grants inhuman powers to those willing to give up their sanity and reasoning – our hero looks to put a stop to the dark faction responsible for putting the player under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron, no longer being used as the opposing faction’s slaying puppet. The stakes are high while danger lurks in every corner in the world of Hidden Dragon Legend.

Using the powers of Unreal Engine 4, developers, MegaFun Games takes players back to Imperial China on an epic adventure full of powerful skills and addicting gameplay. Gritting combat, stunning aerial skills and head-spinning puzzle-solving is at the core of this hack and slash platforming gem. Using incredible abilities to slash your way through mighty bosses and enemies, stringing together unstoppable combos and using your wits to solve”Metroidvania” style puzzles.

Adding a touch of RPG element to the entertaining platformer, a highly customizable skill tree gives the player the option of choosing an appropriate fighting style to suit their style of gameplay. Unlocking unique skills and powerful moves to progress forward and building a strong character is a dominating force in many adventure games, no matter the genre.

Business Director Alen Wu, at publishers Oasis Games Ltd., praises the game on its exciting features and fair price, stating:

“HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND transports players to ancient China for thrilling combat, deadly enemies, challenging puzzles and a surprising amount of depth. With a player-friendly price and intensely fun gameplay, the title offers action fans a great combination of entertainment and value.”

Waves of tough enemies, challenging bosses and puzzles, loads of combos, skills and abilities all wrapped together create a enthralling adventure sure to bring excitement to any platforming/adventure fan. Though the official release date has not yet been announced, look for Hidden Dragon Legend on the Playstation 4 consoles this August, with a $19.99 price tag.

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