PUBG Invitational Tiebreaker Rules Explained

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After the chaos and confusion during the final game of the Gamescom PUBG Invitational Duo series, the ESL has clarified their tiebreaker rules. Something they probably should have done during the winner’s ceremony.

During the winners ceremony, the two Cloud9 players were awarded the silver place pan medal. Something that completely baffled players considering the Turkish duo received the third place award despite the fact that they were shown in second place on the official leaderboard after the full series had been completed.

So what happened?

The Turkish team tied with the Cloud9 duo on total score, win points and kill score. However they had 27 seconds more when it came to average survival time. As a result, they were displayed in second place on the official board.

So fans and player alike were extremely confused during the medal ceremony and many believed that the Turkish duo has been unfairly or accidentally taken down a position. Thankfully, ESL has come out with an explanation for what happened.

Ranking System

  1. Total Points (Ranking points + Kill points)
  2. Total Ranking points (If 1 is the same)
  3. Last Match Ranking (If 1 and 2 are the same)

So the survival time doesn’t actually matter then according to the ESL. Which goes against the very core principle of the game which is to survive for as long as possible. PUBG is a last one standing competition where survival time is a core feature in the game. So for many fans and players, brushing this aside is a very strange thing to do. Not only this but it looks as though the ESL didn’t abide by this rule during the first day of the tournament.

In the solo series, Cloud9’s “Solidfps” and Liquid’s “Scoom” were in the exact same position. Solidfps had a couple of extra average survival time seconds over Scoom so he was ranked higher. However, Scoom survived longer in the final game but was displayed as ranking sixth overall. Just under Solidfps.

Clearly then the ESL has a few issues when it comes to ranking players in PUBG so hopefully they’ll sort it out by the time the next tournament rolls around.


This post was provided by Clare from Lunawolf Gaming

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