Real-Life Star Trek ‘Royal Couple’ to Wed

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The long awaited news has just been confirmed. The so-called “royal couple” of the Star Trek universe has announced their engagement. Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock), is set to marry Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Terry Farrell. Terry played Jadzia Dax, symbiotic lifeform, confidant of Captain Sisko and Worf’s love interest.

The couple has been rumored to be dating for a long time, but only confirmed their relationship last year. News of the engagement broke first on Twitter with fans circulating the rumor. Farrell herself confirmed the rumors via Twitter and thanked fans for their well wishes.

Fans on social media seem to be very happy about the engagement. It almost seems like fate for the two. Fans of Adams father are very excited he is marrying someone from the Star Trek world. One fan even wondered if future children would be considered part Vulcan.

Besides being the Son of Spock, Adam is best known for his loving documentary on his late father, “For the Love of Spock” which debuted in 2016 to rave reviews. He is currently working on another documentary about Deep Space Nine. Farrell will appear in the documentary, but the extent of her involvement is not known.

No word yet on a wedding date or any further plans, but we’ll update you when they become available.

We here at Raging Gazebo say “Best Wishes” and “Live Long and Prosper!”

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