Retro style controllers are coming to the Nintendo Switch


Players looking for a more retro experience on the Nintendo Switch will soon be able to have one thanks to 8Bitdo. The company is creating several different SNES themed controllers to work with the Nintendo Switch. These new controllers are being designed to replicate their retro counterparts as closely as possible while adding a modern twist.

SNES Controller

The first controller on the list is a replica SNES controller which looks just like a traditional controller. However, this controllers comes with an array of new features. This includes Bluetooth, a USB-C port, motion controls and rumble vibration. In addition to this, they will also work with PC and mobile devices. For players who would rather go the old-school Japanese route, there’s also a Super Famicom-style controller being created.

These two models act as replacements for the Switch Pro Controller however and do not replace the Joy-con controllers.


Arcade Stick

While the SNES-style controllers might be the main show, 8Bitdo is also creating an arcade stick. The NES30 Arcade Stick is a NES style controller which mirrors the classic arcade sticks of the past. Pro fighting game players and fans will greatly appreciate this controller. While the Switch is the main focus for this device, it will also work with the PC.



While these may not be a new controller, they’re a welcome addition to the 8Bitdo family for the Switch. The Twin Cube Stereo Speakers are wireless with an AUX Input for when you need to connect them.


The Arcade Stick and Speakers will be releasing later this year in the Fall. However, an exact release date is not available just yet. Those looking forwards to the new SNES-style controllers will have to wait until the Holiday period for 2017.

However, those looking to use an 8Bitdo controller with a Switch can already do so. The company updated their firmware last month for all of their controllers to ensure that they can all work with the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, they may not work perfectly with the new console.


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