RuneScape is coming to mobile devices


Almost every gamer has heard of RuneScape. The MMO has existed for over 15 years now and the MMORPG is still going strong. However, the developer has now decided to expand the playerbase for the infamous game even more.

Developer Jagex announced today that the MMORPG will be coming to mobile devices. Not only this, they will be supporting cross-platform play between the PC and mobile versions of the game.

It’s been confirmed that both RuneScape and Old-School Runscape will be coming to mobile. Old-School RuneScape will be launching this Winter while RuneScape will be launching sometime later in 2018. As they’re fully cross-play compatible, gamers will be able to close the game on PC then pick it up seamlessly on a mobile device.

The developer confirms that everything from pre-created accounts will be accessible on the mobile version of the game. This includes characters, skins, items, saves and more. As a result, RuneScape is set to become of the few Western MMORPGS on mobile. However, it’s the first one to offer cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices.

The mobile version of the game features a “mobile-optimised interface” which means the game has been re-designed for use on a mobile phone or tablet.

A specific release date for the mobile version of the game is currently not known. It is known however that Old-School RuneScape will be the first to arrive. For those who don’t know, this version of the game is based on the 2007 iteration of RuneScape. While RuneScape is the current version of the game. This means there are actually two different versions of RuneScape currently available and both of them are still quite popular.


Will you be playing RuneScape on mobile? Let us know your thoughts on this surprise announcement!


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