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Sega acquires Crytek Black Sea and renames it Creative Assembly Sofia


Sega has just announced that they’ve acquired Crytek Black Sea and have renamed the company to “Creative Assembly Sofia”. The company will now be acting as the sister studio to Total War series developer, Creative Assembly. According to Sega, the newly renamed company is working on several unannounced titles.

Crytek Black Sea was previously working on “Arena of Fate” which is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and is currently in Closed Beta. There’s been no word on what’s happening with this game. However, the company is now working on several unannounced titles. A message from the development team suggests that the team will continue to work on the game.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, the director of Creative Assembly explained the expansion is to support their “commitment to creating high quality authentic gaming experiences”. Director Tim Heaton added that they are expanding their UK base in support of their commitment to “creating high quality” games.

Last year, Crytek Black Sea shut down five studios due to financial difficulties, so this news isn’t too surprising. Avni Yerli, the managing director of Crytek, states that the sale is “part of the essential steps” they’re taking to “ensure Crytek is a healthy and sustainable business moving forward”.

Creative Assembly is mostly known for their development of the Total War franchise. However, the company has recently partnered with Microsoft for “Halo Wars 2”. The developer also worked with 20th Century Fox to create “Alien: Isolation”.

Sega also commented on the acquisition and stated that it “further enhances” and strengthens Sega Europe’s developmental capabilities to create “diverse and engaging content” for their IPs. However, no news about upcoming games have been released so far. It’s thought that the new Creative Assembly Sofia or Sega will make some announcements later this year about the games the company is working on.

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