Skull & Bones Won’t Have a Separate Single Player Mode

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Creative Director Justin Farren had an interview with GameSpot recently about the upcoming Ubisoft title, Skull & Bones.

“We didn’t want it to be separate,” explains Farren.

When asked for details on the single player mode, Farren stated that there is only one mode in the game. The story will be “woven into everything you do” including the different modes in the game. This means then that the PvP section of the game and the single player are interwoven together into one experience. They will not be separate.

According to Farren, players will be able to build relationships with their crew and create a hideout for the ship and crew. However, it’s not clear how these mechanics will work in a game where the multiplayer and single player are intertwined to this level.

The team wanted to create a system that allows them to tell the narrative across a series of month and even years. The story will evolve over a long period of time however, it’s unclear exactly what this means. Some gamers are taking this more literal and suggest the developers will be releasing new content for several years. Others suggest the story will unfold according to the in-game world time.

This combined single player and PvP approach is certainly an interesting one to take. The game is designed so that players will feel as though they can do anything the game offers. They hope that PvP fans will be able to enjoy the single player content and that PvE gamers will give the multiplayer section a chance as well.

It’s a very different approach and there’s still a lot of questions surrounding this right now. Hopefully Ubisoft will clear a few things up later this year as the 2018 release date approaches.


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