SkullPirates Preview – A Boney, Piratey Action/RPG Now Live on Kickstarter

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Side-scrolling, Piratey Action


Side scrolling adventure titles have cease to grow unpopular throughout the expanding world of gaming. Wildly fun and entertaining, there are still developing studios out there making use of new and exciting stories tell complimenting the simple play style of the genre. SkullPirates, a fantasy pirate game based around collecting loot and escaping unhinged, looks to take players even further down the rabbit hole of the side scrolling realm.

The tales never end of the all-skeletal pirate crew that runs amok around the swirling seas. Floating amongst their mighty vessel, SkullPirates, led by their fierce captain – Skull Queen – who has racked up quite the debt of expensive luxuries, and most of all, her prized ship. Now, the debt collectors are coming after the Queen and her skeletal army, forcing them the pillage their way into the green.

The Wealthy Island of Catannia

With the news that surrounds the island Catannia, and their newly claimed independence, the Captain and her crew see this as a fitting spot to score their treasures. Made up of booming industrialists making quite a statement in the upper class wealthy feline territory, the islands of Catannia have forfeited their neighboring islands as reinforcement for their decisions, only to become an independent nation. The thieving SkullPirates will wait no longer, and look to use the precious goods from the treasury vault of Catannia and rid their Captain of her debt.

There seems to be a surreal artistic approach to the authority figures that guard Catannia.

As a soldier of Skull Queen’s dangerous army, you’ll platform through levels located in one of the distinct districts found in Catannia, and make yourself a healthy reward. Opening new areas to explore or the chance for new abilities is a fitting reward for successfully completing a raid, but that particular goal is not always as easy as it sounds.

When pillaging a community, or level, players must first reach the treasure and snatch it up. But that, however, is only the least of your troubles. SkullPirates also looks to focus heavily on the escaping aspect of the 2D adventure. Grabbing the loot will put a bounty on your head and bring unwanted attention your way as you head for your schooner. On your way to one of the port that Catannia has to offer, local authority figures and other enemies will be on the watch and ready to hunt you down.

The luxurious captain of the SkullPirates – Skull Queen – finds herself in troublesome debt from her outlandish spending, especially on her beloved vessel – The Coccyx Avenger.
Run! Escape! Flee!

All is not slashing away and fighting enemies in this 2D adventure, as when you grab your loot, and the chase gives way, players will find themselves amidst an epic mad dash to their vessel. Hordes of enemy figures will give chase, and as the mayhem ensues players will either escape by reaching a port, or become caught by the enemy.

Once a crew member is caught or defeated by the resilient authoritative personnel, the game restarts the level with a new bony, piratey character. In an almost Dark Souls fashion, players are able to return to the spot of their previous death and obtain the precious loot, like gold and even the bones of the deceased SkullPirate may be pillaged after the failed previous attempt.

When all else fails, flee from your enemies to make your escape.

As players board their schooner, their ride isn’t exactly home free, yet either. Plenty of raiders and buccaneer ships await in the deep and dangerous seas, and making your way through them unscathed soon becomes the final goal. Sailing through the rough seas in Queen Skull’s beloved vessel – The Coccyx Avenger – players will fight to keep their rewards, or even better, loot even more from other pirate ships. If players lose to the ravaging opponents, the risk of wavering precious goods is as high as ever.

Unique Upgrades in a World Filled with Exploration

Along with unique abilities and locations to discover upon cashing in your loot, new pieces of equipment and weaponry can be rewarded as well. These new weapons and equipment will allow further exploration for players and enhanced traversing methods. Skills like movement speed, strength of attacks and defensive abilities will be unlocked through new clothing items awarded through your raiding efforts. Progression through the action-adventure title looks to provide players with plenty to unlock, create a strong and developed character.

This unique action game has plenty of platforming mechanics thrown in as well.

Through lush exploration inf 2D worlds, SkullPirates will take players on a journey for the most valuable loot they can find. Sticking to the premise of freeing the Skull Queen of her stupendous debt, exploring Catannia is sure to introduce a cast of unique and animal-inspired characters and enemies. Going on pillaging quests, robbing anyone or anything that stands in your way, and raiding the Catannia treasury is the heart and soul of SkullPirates, while the character and art design is the perfect complement to back it up.

The single player action is sure to have players exploring, looting and sailing through the seas on your piratey journey. However, Arcade Distillery is throwing in a quick matching co-op system, both online and locally. Players will be able to drop in-out of combat and support up to four players in one session. Sony players will also have the option of cross-platform play between the PS4 and PS Vita systems.

As the Kickstarter page is still currently running with plenty of days to go, the developers have more than doubled their pledge goal. However, there are a few appealing stretch goals a bit further down the financial line. While the current total nets the game a brand new “special” dungeon, other goals include extra gameplay mechanics and professional voice dialogue.

Across the vibrant world of the Catannia islands, Queen Skull and her skeletal crew of pirates will raid, pillage, loot, fight, flee and sail their way out of debt held by an unruly characters and gang members. Head on over to Arcade Distillery’s Kickstarter page for more information of their upcoming pirate adventure, SkullPirates.

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