Splatoon 2 tips for newbies

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Splatoon 2 was just released into the world this week. As a result, there are thousands of new players who are lost about what to do and aren’t too sure how the game works. Have no fear as we’re here to help. These simple tips will get you ready to start splatting as soon as you join your first match.

Inking walls doesn’t count

While inking the walls can be useful for traversing the maps, it actually doesn’t add anything to the final score. As a result, spending too much time on splatting the walls is actually detrimental to your team and a waste of time. So don’t focus on splatting the walls! Only the floor actually counts.


Don’t focus on splatting the enemy

This may be very tempting but Splatoon 2 isn’t a standard shooter game. The focus of the game is to cover as much of the floor with ink as possible. Not kill enemies. Sure, you get points for doing this and you remove an enemy from the field for a few seconds but only doing this is a waste of time. Not only do you not splatter the floor with ink like you’re supposed to, the enemy is dead for less than 5 seconds which doesn’t do much to change the game. However, killing several enemies at once can be a game changer.


Push with your team

Which brings us to this. Splatoon 2 is a team game. When you have abilities charged, use them to push forwards with your team and kill several enemies. This will let your team quickly splatter more floor with ink and forces the enemy to play catch up. During the last few seconds of the game, this is especially critical and can completely change the course of the game.


What tips do you have for newcomers to Splatoon 2? Let us know so we can add to this list in the future!


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