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Star Trek: Discovery release date finally announced

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Star Trek: Discovery has suffered from various delays but the show is almost here. CBS and Netflix have officially announced the release dates for the highly anticipated TV show. As expected, the show will be airing this year however, there will be a mid-series break halfway through.

The first half of the series will be launching on September 24th while the second half will be releasing from January 2018. The exact date for the second half of the series is not yet available.

CBS has already confirmed how and when the episodes will be releasing. The series will premier on Sunday September 24th at 8:30pm ET/PT. The first two episodes will also be available to stream on CBS All Access. After this, episodes will be releasing every Sunday and will be exclusive to the streaming service.

All is not lost for UK Star Trek fans however. Netflix UK will be showing the series also. However, episodes will be releasing on Monday’s instead.

The first eight episodes of the 15 episode season will be releasing from September 24th to November 5th. After this there will be a mid-season break where the series will return with seven new episodes in January 2018. However, CBS and Netflix has not commented on the release dates for the second half of the series just yet.

If you missed the Star Trek: Discovery trailer, you can find it just below.

Walking Dead actor Sonequa Martin-Green is taking the reigns as the main character for this series. She will be playing First Officer Michael Burnham. There has been some debate over the name of the main character in the shoe with some suggesting that they will be transgender and others suggesting that the name is now unisex for women. We won’t know for sure until CBS makes an announcement ahead of the projected September launch date.

Star Trek: Discovery will be launching later this year in September and CBS will be announcing the January 2018 dates very soon.


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