Star Trek: Discovery season extended and will get a companion talk show

Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery has collected some very positive news this week. Fans should be pleased to hear that the first season of the show has been extended. In addition to this, there’s now a companion talk show coming also.

Deadline has reported that the upcoming Star Trek TV show has now been extended. The first season was originally going to be 13 episodes long. It’s now 15 episodes long. The reason for this has not been provided however but it’s certainly good news for Star Trek fans.

However, not all fans reacted well to the first trailer which was released last week. The trailer has since been taken offline but various users have re-uploaded it to YouTube. The version below for example is for Netflix.

The trailer reveals that the crew members will be wearing a brand new blue uniform with stripes that seem to represent their compartment.

The ship in this trailer is actually the USS Shenzhou and not the Discovery. It’s uncertain why the creators decided to do this but it’s possible there will be a reveal at the San Diego Comic-Con. Only the first few episodes have been recorded right now so it’s possible the new ship shows up later in the season.


While the main series is still in production, it’s also been revealed that there will be a companion aftershow. The aftershow will be called “Talking Trek” according to Deadline and will be similar to Talking Dead and Talking Bad. However, there are no details on who will be hosting this show or how long the episodes will be. Hopefully CBS will reveal some more details relatively soon. It’s possible that the company is waiting until San Diego Comic-Con to announce any details on this new show.

We will provide you with more information on these developers once we learn more.


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