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Star Wars Celebration has begun with surprise guests

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The annual Star Wars Celebration has now begun and things have started strongly for the event which is taking place in Orlando, Florida. The event started off yesterday with Warwick Davis as the host for the 40 Years of Star Wars panel where Star Wars legends were invited on stage to discuss the franchise.

There were various surprise guests for the panel including George Lucus and Harrison Ford. According to Sky News, George Lucas took to the stage to talk a little bit about Carrie Fisher who has died at the end of last year. He stated that “she played a part that was very smart” and that “she was very strong, very smart, very funny, very bold, very tough” while also adding that she was “one in a billion”.

While Lucas took the time to discuss the late Carrie Fisher a little bit, he also talked about the pitch for Star Wars. He admitted that the pitch was quite outlandish and that he appreciated the studio for taking a chance with the movie. Lucas described A New Hope as a “film for 12-year-olds” and that avoiding the dark side” was a major theme in the movie.

Liam Neeson appeared in a video for a special announcement where he stated that they’re “making a very unofficial movie about Jar Jar Binks”. This movie would focus on what happened to Jar Jar and he added that Jar Jar did go to the dark side.

This was only the first day of the annual Star Wars Celebration event and there are several days left. The event will be ending on April 16th this Sunday. While this is an annual event, the organizers have confirmed that there will not be another event next year, instead there will be an event in 2019 instead.

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