Star Wars: The Last Jedi rumor suggests a Luke vs Snoke battle

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A brand new rumor has just sprung up and this time, it points towards an epic battle. This battle will supposedly take place in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie . Here are all of the details on this new rumor.

This rumor comes from Making Star Wars editor-in-chief Jason Ward. He’s published some details on the upcoming movie which were shared with him by his sources. While he revealed quite a bit of information, one piece in particular has lit the internet ablaze with thoughts, suggestions and hope.

Ward revealed that “Luke is going for Snoke and Rey is going for Kylo.” When he asked his source whether or not they believe this to be true, the person replied that “they didn’t know for sure.”

While it’s uncertain how Luke will get to this point, there have been previous rumors suggesting something similar. Rumors from earlier this year state that Leia would fight Snoke after she’s captured by Captain Phasma.

Neither of these rumors have been commented on by Lucasfilm so they’re both currently just rumors. Hopefully the company will make an announcement at some point to confirm one of these rumors. For now, Star Wars fans will need to wait until the film is released to discover the truth.

Ward also reveals that Luke will carry some interesting equipment in the movie. This includes a special compass which is said to be important in the current trilogy of movies however, there are no details on this. In addition to this, Luke will have a cattle prod-style weapon which is used for both combat and walking.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently expected for a December 17th release date so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to discover the truth behind these rumors and new details.

We will provide you with updates about the new Star Wars movie as the release date approaches.

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