Stars Wars: The Last Jedi apparent trailer leaks

Star Wars

According to the Express, some details for the upcoming trailer have already been leaked. A short teaser for the upcoming movie was released at Star Wars Celebration and the first full-length trailer is in the works. This trailer is currently in development and will be releasing to theaters very soon. However, if you really can’t wait there has been an apparent leak.

Star Wars expert Mike Zeroh states that the trailer will be two minutes and 48 seconds long. According to his sources there will be several major scenes in the trailer which he has detailed.

He states that a major scene is of Luke Skywalker as he appears to be levitating. This could potentially be a new Jedi power or some unseen force is tormenting Luke. Both of these are just guesses however and we won’t know for certain until the full trailer is released.

Zeroh also mentions a scene which he thinks will become an iconic Star Wars image. It shows Luke Skywalker sitting on a meditation rock and would show the “mighty side” of him. According to Zeroh, “It’s going to look awe-inspiring”. In addition to this, the trailer will also show the “troubled Jedi” speaking.

As expected, the new trailer will also feature some battle scenes with squadrons of Resistance bombers. Its thought that there will be scenes of Resistance bombers fighting the First Order TIO-fighters in mid-air combat. However, Zeroh also notes that there will be “Some Resistance bombers exploding over the surface of an unknown planet”.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be releasing in cinemas later this year. Fans of the Star Wars series will be able to watch the new movie from December 15th. However, this first full-length trailer should be coming within the next few months.

We will provide you with updates once we learn more.

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