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Sleep is crucial to having a good day. Waking up feeling groggy and unrested can result in a slower and more difficult day at work. Mode M has created a pillow to revolutionize the way we sleep and ensure we all get a good nights rest.

The idea behind the pillow is to allow users to wake up naturally at a set time. It features a Sunrise Alarm which simulates sunrise which mimics the natural waking up process. According to the Kickstarter campaign for the project, it tells the body to stop producing the sleep hormone and begin producing the energy hormone instead. This will apparently reduce fatigue and grogginess each day.

However, that’s not all the Sunrise Smart Pillow can do. It has a list of 14 features which include a smart alarm, the ability to play wireless music, audio books, nature sounds and fan sounds and it also comes with built-in reading lights.

There are two pillow models for the product: Contour Mastermind and Classic Comfort. Both pillows come with all the same features, but the Contour Mastermind has several scientific benefits to the design. This is something that the Classic pillow design lacks.

Pre-orders for this new piece of technology start from $99 through the Kickstarter. However, there is a very limited number of these Super Early Bird pillows left with only 32 remaining at the time of writing. There are also only 26 Early Bird pillows remaining. While the Early Bird deals are quickly vanishing, there are plenty of higher priced options available.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow currently has a release estimate for October 2017. According to the Kickstarter, that’s when shipments for the new piece of technology should begin. However, it’s uncertain when the device will go on sale after the Kickstarter has ended.

We will provide you with updates as we learn more about this interesting new Smart Pillow.


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