SuperLuminauts Coming to Steam on September 1st

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Open area spaceship fighters and dogfight games are addicting as they are attractive to look at. It becomes tedious looking for one of these titles that brings something a little more unique to the table. Luckily, the vast library of Steam titles provides gamers with near limitless options, and one more unique arcade space fighter has been added to the list in, SuperLuminauts.

Simple controls give every gamer a chance to entertain themselves with these easy to play shooters. But strategy soon shows its face as SuperLuminauts brings a tricky aspect to the genre, leaving a physical trail following every projectile. turning chaotic and restless, you’ll find yourself dodging and fighting through hectic gameplay and diverse levels. With a local-co op gameplay, you’ll spend time figuring out strategic ways to skillfully take out your enemy, whether you’re using the basic firing option or landing a space-time trail upon your opponent for a devastating attack.

Tight and simple controls leaves for an addictive play style, as well as the new time-trail feature adds a new strategic style of arcade shooter. Bringing an enhanced way to step up the action-oriented space shooter genre, casual and expert players are both welcome to immerse themselves unique gameplay. With a litany of ships all equipped with equal stats, each one has various color hues to keep things relatively customized.

Three games modes also come to the next era of space dog-fight shooters. The first mode called, Dive, takes your time-trails after each round and rotates them to provide the border for the next round, diving you deeper into space. Second, the tremendously quick reflexed, Chaotic Anomaly, leads players into rapid-fire rounds where the trails not only speed up after every bounce, but also kills the player instantly. Lastly, the Galactic Tour allows the player to create their own playlist of various maps of their choice, choosing from the wide selection of 25 hand-made levels featured across the game.

Coming to Steam on September 1st, SuperLuminauts brings back the addictive playstyle of busy space shooters, packed with plenty of different and unique additions to the genre.

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