The Halloween Sales are Here

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It’s official, the Halloween sales for Steam and Humble Bundle began yesterday. As a result, horror fans can blender through both websites in search of some good games to pick up for the holiday season. Here’s a run-down of both sales.

Steam Sale

Naturally, the Steam Sale isn’t just focused on games. Steam has plenty of horror movies as well on their platform now which are all included in the sale. However, should you buy a horror movie from Steam? No. I noticed the prices the other day before the sale and have just seen the sale prices. Guess what? The prices were raised for the sale so they could be slashed back down to their usual price. So I’d suggest avoiding them unless you really want a certain movie.

From the games however, there’s a nice range currently on sale in the Halloween sale. Not only this but there’s a range of other games on sale also including Witcher 3 and GTAV. So it’s worth checking out the sales section even if you’re not interested in the spooky Halloween sale.


Humble Bundle

This Halloween sale is pretty much the same as the Steam one. However, some of the games have slightly larger price cuts on here. Such as Dead by Daylight which is £7.49 on Steam but £6.74 on Humble Bundle. So make sure you double check the prices before making any purchases!

HB is also advertising different games in it’s Horror sale but, these games are also on sale on Steam. It’s just that Steam isn’t really advertising this. Outlast 2, for example, is on sale for both platforms but Steam doesn’t include it in the Horror hame Halloween sale list. So use your wishlist and check the store pages of any horror game you’re interested in. It might actually be on sale.

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