The World’s First Custom Fit Sandals


Company Wiivv has just launched a Kickstarter for a revolutionary new type of shoe. The company is looking to create Wivve’s Custom Fit Sandals so that everyone can create the perfect sandal to fit their foot. For the first time ever, anyone can get custom made footware designed to fit the unique shape of their foot by using their smartphone.

These one-off products are designed to scale according to the images sent to the company through the foot capture app. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, there’s no word on a Windows Phone version for the app.

Wiivv’s shoes are designed to fit a specific pair of feet and reduce foot pain. All pairs of Wiivv’s shoes use a no-rub and ultra-comfortable toe thong in addition to having toe grips for maximum support while walking. The arch in the shoe is 3D printed according to the specifications given to Wiivvs via the phone app.

Using the smartphone app is quite simple. Users need to take multiple pictures of their feet using several different angles. After this, the Wiivv engineers take the images and map more than 200 unique data points on each foot. These data points are then used to create a 3D model for the sandals, which are then created at the manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA.

As a bonus, the sandals can be customized with a range of different straps and colors. The company is also pushing for a stretch goal that would allow them to make an additional type of strap for their sandals.

Wiivv’s sandals currently cost $79 through the Kickstarter but it looks like they’ll cost $95 after the Kickstarter has ended. Anyone interested in purchasing a pair should take a look at the Kickstarter to grab a pair while the price is still low.

This post was provided by Clare from Lunawolf Gaming.

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