A Few Things to Look for in a Solid Gaming Headset

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As the gaming industry develops into the mega media production it’s becoming, the list of prominent features to immerse us grows. One that’s evolved throughout the years is the enveloping, yet sometimes subtle bits of sound, and the score to go with it. Let’s take a look at some top features that makes a solid headset for gaming.

One major factor many gamers may overlook when looking to completely involve themselves during their video game time, more often than not, is the sound. The growing and lively environments found in today’s games are filled with detailed effects and ambient noises, many times hard to hear over thick musical scores and voice overs. When wearing a proper headset, or even a set of decent speakers and other external audio output devices, the game maginifys the depth and rich sounds that most developing studios carefully place into their game.

When shopping for a new headset it can be overwhelming to choose from the vast array of selections from the many different companies. A few things to look out for are obvious, such as price, sound quality and durability, but what else makes a proper headset for long-running gaming sessions to quick and easy drop-ins?

The comfortable quality of the ear pieces and overall headset design prove to be more important than many customers care to believe. Why spend the extra money for higher quality of padding and customizable adjustments when you’ll be too worried about playing the actual game, right? Wrong. Improper placement, size or overall “uncomfortableness” can wear on a gamer, and worse, distract you from the game you’re trying to enjoy. The extra cash is worth it in the long-run, especially if you plan on playing long sessions at a time.

Cross-compatibility may not seem like something most gamers need to worry about, or even inspect upon purchasing a headset. With that said, there are many out there who choose to play on different consoles and PC systems equally. While some may have the abundance of cash to fork over a couple hundred dollars for multiple headset fixed for each system, many would rather have one go to headset for all modes of play. Having a headset that crosses between gaming mediums proves handy, but some may require an additional part, such as a splitter or adaptor, to help assist the subtle differences between audio devices on different gaming systems.

Another aspect to look at, especially for online gamers, is the mic addition. Sure, the audio is crucial for immersion and getting sucked into the game, but communication is just as critical when helping capture the enemies base. Components like high-end noise cancellation and easy-to-use muting options make online verbal tactics that much more bearable, not only to you, but to everyone else listening.

Obviously, sound quality is the most important feature when looking for a gaming headset. Nowadays most top-tier companies have the best in audio output, but other essential qualities are overlooked. While this post only covers a few of the more important details, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from out there. Be sure to look over everything when purchasing the piece of gaming hardware that suits you best.

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