Top 10 Pokemon Cake ideas

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We’ve already show you how to make your own Pokeball cake and this week we’ll be taking it a step further. We’re looking at a range of Pokemon cakes created and shared online by those who are proud of their creation. Designing a Pokemon cake isn’t always as easy as our Pokeball cake, some are much more complex. If you’re looking to create a Pokemon themed cake which is a little more complex then some of these creations are sure to inspire you. Check them out!

This is probably the most simple design on this list yet it works really well!


This one uses several Pokemon figures to decorate the Pokemon Stadium. Safe to say, this is a really nice design and they pulled it off nicely.


Cupcakes are a classic. They’re a good choice if you want to make a variety of Pokemon related designs. Even if you don’t go for individual Pokemon, there’s still a variety of Pokeballs and symbols from the Pokemon world.


Back to large cakes, this Pokemon Go inspired cake is beautiful! You can learn how to make this one here.


For anyone with a lot of baking experience, making a round Pokeball cake like this could be a nice challenge!


Don’t want to make a large cake? Fair enough. Why not try to make some Pokemon themed cake pops?


For experienced bakers and cake decorators, making a cake shaped like a Pokemon could be a worthy challenge. If you want to give this one a try, you can find the instructions here.


Check out the 3D buttercream icing on this Pikachu! It really brings the cake to life.


This Pokemon card style cake is a nice touch for anyone who ever played the card game.


This cake is rather simple yet the Ninetales design is brilliant.


Have you seen any other amazing Pokemon themed cakes? Let us know in the comments!


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