Top 5 Games That Released for the Nintendo Switch This Week

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Yesterday (September 28th) was a busy day for the Nintendo Switch. There were 8 new games released on the platform and today (September 29th) has four more games being released! That’s an incredible amount of games for the Nintendo Switch this week. Let’s take a look at the biggest games which were released this week for the new Nintendo platform.

Golf Story

The highly anticipated Golf RPG is finally here! The game is spread out across 8 different courses as players control a golfer who has given up everything for one last shot at his dream. The story is filled with dramatic moments and a diverse cast of characters which make this one worth checking out.



Okay, there’s no demo on the Switch and we haven’t seen much content on the game for the Switch version. It’s a little suspicious, it has to be said. Despite this, FIFA 18 is one of the biggest releases for the Switch this month and marks something wonderful. The addition of a new third-party Tripple A title. Which should mean several others will be coming from EA soon.


This is the Police

This management game is supported with a strong story that follows a police chief through a difficult time. He’s getting on in age now and is at that age where she should be retiring but he doesn’t want to, however, he might be forced to by his enemies.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

Nothing has really changed in this game from the original 3DS and Wii U days but it’s still a solid action game. It also features a few additional quests and costumes for players to unlock, however, it’s not really enough to warrant a new purchase. Unless you’d rather play it on the Switch of course.


Sine Mora EX

This side-scrolling shoot’em up offers a Story Mode with an over-the-top story and also an Arcade mode. It received a positive reaction on PC when it launched last month so the Switch version is sure to be just as thrilling.

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