Top 5 PS4 Games That Are Way Better On PS4 Pro

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Although the standard Sony gaming platform is powerful by it’s own, the Pro version represents the pinnacle of gaming technology at the moment, with drastic gameplay and graphic improvements. This is especially true for those titles that have been enhanced specifically for PS4 Pro. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best 5 PS4 Pro games that everyone is buzzing about.


Hitman is one of the top assassin games out there, with millions of fans worldwide. As all the episodes of the Agent 47’s adventure are now available, you get to travel across many famous locations and use your guile and cunning to complete missions. Or just go completely wild with an uzi – depending on how much patience you have.

But what is the difference between the standard and PS4 Pro version? Depending on your TV, the graphics can be quite improved. If you have a 1080p television, you will have sharper graphics and improved shading. A 4K HRD-capable TV however delivers more details texture-wise, enhanced dynamic lighting and it also improves reflective surfaces by a large margin. At the same time, the game keeps running smoothly.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Although it’s name suggests a gory adventure, Hellblade provides a far more complex gaming experience. The main character is Senua, a Celtic warrior who ventures into a mythical land of the dead. She is also plagued by hallucinations and voices that keep the storyline quite intense throughout the game.

The PS4 Pro version provides double the pixel density, with the target output resolution set at 2560×1440. It also adjusts the resolution depending on the framerate, so that you can tackle as many enemies at once as you like, while maintaining the perfect visuals. Considering the fact that Hellblade already thrives in this department, PS4 Pro provides over an over-the-top visual delight.

Ratchet And Clank

No one would expect a cartoonish game to have awesome stand-out graphics, but that’s what Ratchet And Clank represent. The story is about a fuzzy creature named Lombax and his miniature robot who have to save the world from a villain that wants to destroy it. It’s an action-packed adventure that revolves around blasting enemies with silly, but equally entertaining, weapons.

Ratchet And Clank on PS4 Pro is a real stunner, mainly due to a technology called Temporal Injection. This technology enhances it’s visuals to a significant degree even on older displays. Although of course, having a 4K HDR TV will always add extra quality as well.

Infamous: Second Son/First Light

A futuristic, open version of Seattle? Playing as a super-human that can roam freely like in GTA: San Andreas through this futuristic maze? Count us in! The main strength of Infamous are the various abilities that the protagonist can use, and the visual effects that arise from them.

When played on PS4 Pro, these abilities and the surrounding environment get a dashing face-lift.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is one of the most successful gaming franchises ever. Playing as Lara Croft, a lovely English lady that is always ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure is even more fun in this prequel.

Played with PS4 Pro, Rise Of The Tomb Raider has a resolution increase to 2160p, which looks marvelous on a 4K television. Even better, if you play it on a 1080p TV, the PS4 Pro supersamples the high-resolution image down to 1080p so that it looks super-detailed and realistic.


If you feel that visuals are an important part of the overall gaming experience, then PS4 Pro is definitely worth trying out. These games looks simply stunning with this new technology in place. Hopefully this article has tickled your curiousity, and you will experience it for yourself.

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