Top 5 Trilogies We’d Love To See Remastered

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The Best Things in Life Come in Threes


That saying stays a true within the realm of video games. Great trilogies keep the same formula that made the series significant in the first place, while the sequels build on that success with bold adaptions to addictive gameplay, memorable characters and visual enhancements. And some trilogies were so remarkable, so awe-inspiring that returning to these collections in remastered from seems almost too good to be true.

Here are 5 trilogy remasters we’d love to see actually happen:


Splinter Cell


The original Splinter Cell trilogy introduced fans to a tactical stealth mastermind in Sam Fisher.


Before Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft leaned heavily on their coveted Tom Clancy franchise. Within that line up was the stealth espionage title featuring the highly skilled military agent, Sam Fisher. Players would navigate through the shadows following orders from the secret agen black ops group, Third Echelon, utilizing patience and precise weaponry to infiltrate your way from one missions to the next.

The original Splinter Cell trilogy consists of a dramatic narrative with Fisher sneaking through a myriad military organizations. Perhaps the only stealth action game that held a flame to the iconic Metal Gear Solid series, Splinter Cell offered a more traditional approach to the genre compared to the elusive imagination of Kojima. Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory is a stellar trilogy that has made an impressive mark on the industry over the years.

And if we’re not getting a new release in the Sam Fisher saga, the least we can ask for is the initial trilogy remastered.


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The Playstation exclusive series, Resistance, takes a dark twist on world history with chimera forces taking over Earth.


Sony has had legendary shooters throughout their first party line up over the years, from Socom to Killzone to Mag. And while those series have become some of the most sought after shooters in the industry, it’s Resistance that’s seemed to have gathered the masses pleading for a trilogy collection.

The blistering series has players assume the role of Nathan Hale, initially, as you fight off the invading chimera forces from taking over Earth. The trilogy spans across six years of chimera invasions along a riveting storyline filled with surprising twists around every corner. An arsenal of awesome weaponry, devastating enemies and distinct locations throughout the compelling campaign keeps the player thoroughly engaged through the memorable Resistance trilogy.


Mass Effect


Mass Effect was a trilogy that kept to giving and allowed players to explore a purely satisfying space setting.


The extravagant adventures of Commander Shepard took players on a relentless RPG story filled with tons of explorable planets, unforgettable characters and companions, and plenty of powerful moments that easily makes Mass Effect one of the most beloved trilogies around.

While the end of the trilogy didn’t primarily resonate well with fans – causing Bioware to release a more reasonable ending – the broad scope of what Mass Effect delivered is impressive, to say the least. And following the end of the Shepard trilogy, 2017s Andromeda failed to meet expectations with a rushed and rather bland start of a new narrative – now might be a perfect time to remind fans and newcomers as to why Mass Effect is such an iconic series in the industry.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater


The addictive formula that made up the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series struck gold, especially with the first three releases in the series.


The extreme sports genre started a new trend with the release of games like Cool Boarders and 2 Xtreme for the original Playstation console. However, it wasn’t until the surprising success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in 1999 that the genre exploded with an addictive play style of flip trick combinations, grabs and lengthy nose grinds. Pretty soon it was obvious that Activision and Neversoft had stumbled across a gold mine that gave birth to many more extreme sporting titles to follow.

With the initial three releases in the THPS franchise the formula only became increasingly better and more intricate with every trick combination added. With the addition of combo stringing manuals, park editors and exciting multiplayer options, the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater trilogy was at the top of its class with its first three entries. With a bit of a sour taste in fan’s mouths after the failed series departure, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, maybe it’s time for the gaming industry to see a proper trilogy remaster of the first three THPS titles.

Of course, getting the same iconic soundtracks to make a return would be near-impossible at this point due to copyright laws, but we’re hoping the gameplay would help cope with the loss.


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Max Payne


Many are hoping for a fourth to finally make an appearance, others would love to revisit the Max Payne trilogy in remastered form.


Max Payne would benefit much more today by introducing a slew of newcomers to an otherwise forgotten series. The entire trilogy was released throughout a lengthy span of over a decade, so releasing a remastered trilogy collection would be a perfect way to gather in newcomers to the series; and allowing returning ones to remember why they played in the first place.

Max Payne combined a unique third-person shooter experience with cinema-esque storytelling and tumultuous bullet-timed gun fights. The story of skilled Detective Max Payne is a thrilling one to boot, and getting our hands on a fully remastered trilogy collection could be exactly what the series needs to spark a new release for the series. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for more to come in the Max Payne series, and eventual release of Max Payne 4.

It’s easy to fall behind in long-running series, so bringing together trilogies into one package is a great way to allow gamers the accessibility to experience an epic journey told through a series of increasingly better titles. Let’s hope that at least some of these trilogy remasters are on their way in the near-future.

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