Top free weekend deals this weekend


This is shaping up to be a great weekend for gamer already. There’s a variety of free games this weekend ahead of E3 which begins tomorrow with the EA conference. Here are the best deals and free weekends that you should check out.


Three Ubisoft games are now free to play on PC this weekend. Steep, The Division and Trials Fusion are all currently free to download and play. This free weekend will be lasting until June 12th but the developer also has a sale going on right now. Games such as For Honor, Steep, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Far Cry 4 are currently on sale. The massive uPlay store sale will be ending on the 18th next week after E3.


Gears of War 4

Players who haven’t check this game out yet will be able to do so soon. A trial for Xbox One and PC has just begun and allows players to explore 10 hours of the game. This includes the first act of the story, Versus and Horde modes. The trial can be played anytime as long as it’s downloaded before June 15th as it will be leaving the stores then. So download it while you still can!


Payday 2

The Ultimate Edition of Payday 2 is on it’s way and the DLC for the game will be leaving stores soon where they will no longer be purchasable. To go along with this, developer Overkill is giving the base game away for free however, there’s a catch. They’re only giving away 5 million copies on a first come, first served basis through Steam. Downloading the base game also provides you with a copy of Payday VR which will be a free update in the future.


These are all of the games which are currently running free promotions this weekend. It’s a great time to grab some games or explore some new ones before E3.


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