Is Tyd wag vir Niemand Worth Your Time?

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It is rare to find a truly genuine game anymore. So many games launched today seem to be variations on the same, tired themes. You may play different characters, or hunt different monstors, but in the end it feels like playing the same game over and over again. Good news has arrived in the form of a new game just released. Tyd wag vir Niemand is the cure for the common game.

     Set in an alternate dimension, Tyd wag vir Niemand challenges you to navigate through different challenges and alternate realities. You begin the game as an agent sent on a rescue mission to locate a team of missing scientists. This may come off a little cliché, but stick with it. The scientists were working with a mysterious machine. When you accidentally come in contact with this machine, you are transported to the alternate dimension. The twist, though, is instead of just controlling your character as in other games, here you also control time. You are faced with various puzzles and challenges as you attempt to navigate this world. Some challenges seem impossible, such as jumping from a floating car to a quickly spinning pipe in mid-air. However, with this added control of time perception, you can manipulate how fast objects are moving and thereby make the jump much easier. It feels strange at first to be able to control the speed of the game, but you quickly get used to it as another control, like jumping. After a few levels, it becomes second nature.

Sure, there have been other games in the past that include time manipulation. However, the execution of time manipulation in Tyd wag vir Niemand is much more seamless. After a few minutes of gameplay, it feels like a natural part of the game.

Don’t assume that controlling time will allow you to just breeze through the levels, though. Each level presents new and, at times, very difficult challenges. It is the kind of challenging that will frustrate you at some points, but only enough to make you keep coming back. Some of the levels will take you a long time to figure out, but you have fun trying to find the answer which is what games should be all about.
The team at Skobbejak Games did a great job of designing the game. The graphics, while relatively simple compared to other games, are beautiful. The simplicity of the game actually highlights the talent that went into creating it. The graphics fit the story and add to the game, rather than distract from poor design as in other games. Each level is comprised of simple objects combined in very creative ways. You get gorgeous landscapes, night scenes and mid-air action all presented in gorgeous and creative details.

If you are looking for the same old game that you have been playing for the last several years, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a completely new game which will challenge you as well as entertain, check out Tyd wag vir Niemand on Steam now. The $9.99 price tag is well worth it.

It is only available on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux as of this publishing, but there are plans to port it to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS4 in the near future. There are also plans to create a VR version which should be especially interesting.

Have you played Tyd wag vir Niemand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Was it worth your time?

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