Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review – A graceful and riveting addition to the series

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Naughty Dog has laid claim to some of the most cinematic, dramatic and overall astounding gameplay ever featured in video games. The Uncharted series introduced a charismatic, witty and beloved protagonist in Nathan Drake, but now it seems it’s time we left the series to a few of the other intriguing and skilled adventurers from the franchise in, Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

In search of the coveted tusk of Ganesh, you’ll take control of the clever and agile, Australian accented – Chloe Frazier. Upon hiring the private army general, Nadine Ross, you’ll begin your adventure as a skilled duo in the beautiful lands of India. The game doesn’t skip a beat when traversing the diverse terrain. Climbing is as fluid as ever with minimal (if any) confusion on where to head next. Uncharted has consistently gotten better with recent releases in the series at pointing the player in the right direction, negating the all-to common “lost” feeling in other linear titles.


The Lost Legacy has incredible textures, shading, trademark animations that bleed from gameplay into cut scenes and back into gameplay. This Naughty Dog styled approach brings truly engaging and immersive action, as always – along with intricate and clever puzzles to solve and a gripping story. Gaining more background about the game’s protagonist, Chloe comes between casual dialogue during chapters, and through the excellent portrayal of cinematic display and tone shifting cut scenes.

A first in the series, various sections in the story place the duo in the midst of a small, but open world map. Free to explore at your leisure, many different hidden treasures and other secrets can be found by deeply scavenging the rugged terrain. The rigorous 4×4 found in Uncharted 4 is also available to drive through some of these areas, making good use of the wench attached to the front bumper.

The chemistry between Chloe and Nadine grows stronger with every exhausting climb, every perilous gun fight and every heart warming cut scene. Their relationship is tried time and time again, but the terrific writing and dialogue from the developers round-up a brilliant liaison between the two dangerous heroines. AI and companion voicing is right on point, helping to bring the player’s attention to a main focal point in the area. Interesting back stories and casual talk plugs in the awkward silence at the perfect moments.

All in all, the talented folks that make up Naughty Dog have delivered yet another title worth visiting for a treasure hunting adventure like no other. With a new protagonist at the helm making a grandeur debut, it’s clear the expert developers are comfortable branching away from the characters who made the franchise what it is today. Uncharted The Lost Legacy delivers yet another breathtaking experience, overflowing with captivating narration, astounding levels to explore and a cast strong enough to hold their own without the beloved Mr. Drake.

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