Unique Survival Horror Title – Undermine – Entering Early Access This Fall

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Entering the season of terrors, a new unique survival horror game – Undermine – will be hitting Steam’s Early Access this coming fall.

Exploring in a first person camera view in Undermine, players will scavenge and explore the dark and dreary abandoned mines in dreadful horror fashion. Collecting helpful items and various weapons as you plunge deeper into the mines.

Undermine offers a unique change in traditional survival horror titles by creating procedurally generated levels throughout the game. The horrors are always changing and the player can never memorize what will happen next in the game. From mysterious undead-looking creatures to cryptic messages and notes from the miners of the past, Undermine is a title likely to send chills down your spine.

Navigating through the mines won’t prove to be an easy task, but luckily various items can be found to help aid you through your adventure. Compasses, maps and beacons all help guide your way to the depths of the mines, hoping to escape the terrors that are lurking below.

As you explore the caverns you’re likely to come across mysterious notes and miner journal’s that provide the dreadful story of what happened in the now abandoned mines. The more you discover about the conspiracy gone terribly wrong, the more challenging the horror filled title will become.

Venturing further into the depths of the mines, discovering different weapons and revealing different pathways to bypass enemies combine in this roguelike thrilling title gearing up for Steam’s Early Access. The Early Access launch – similar to a beta release – allows players who are interested in playing the title before its official release, while helping developers receive a general response of pros and cons to help create the best gaming experience possible.

Undermine allows the player fully explore procedurally generated levels, interact with their surroundings by creating distractions or mining boulder for gems and valuables and explore a thrilling story with a unique spin on dungeon crawlers. Look for the Early Access of Undermine coming this fall on Steam, with a retail price of $14.99.

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