Unreal Engine: Creating, Saving and Opening Levels

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Earlier this week we took at look at how to navigate the 3D Viewport. Today we’ll be moving forwards slightly by taking a little look at Levels. We’ll be covering how to create, save and open a Level in the Unreal Engine.

Creating a new Level

This is very simple.

  1. Make sure you have the Unreal Engine Editor open
  2. Select the File Menu on the top left
  3. Select New Level to open the New Level window
  4. You should be able to see at least three level options. Select your preferred one to open it and start working


Saving Levels

After your first save, there’s nothing complicated. You can save a Level then from the File menu or the Content Browser. However, the first save is a little more tricky so don’t feel bad if you forget how to do this a few times.

  1. Open the File menu
  2. Select Save Current
  3. Choose a location and a name for the New Level then click Save in the Save As window


Opening Levels

While it’s possible to open a Level by double-clicking the Level asset found in the Content Browser, it’s also possible to use the File menu. Give both a try and see which feels easier for you to use.

  1. Open the File menu
  2. Select Open Level
  3. Select a Level that appears in the Open Level window. Click on Open

As a bonus way of opening levels, you can also use a keyboard shortcut. Hitting Crtl + O will bring up the Open Level window immediately for you to access.


And that’s how you deal with Levels in the Unreal Engine. Next time things will get a bit more exciting as we’ll be taking a look at populating an Empty Level with some assets. Something you’ll need to do to build your game.

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