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We’ve previously covered the basic Unreal Engine before but today we’ll be starting to look at the aspects in more depth. This should give you a greater understanding of what each section of the editor does and how you can use them to create a brand new game.

Today we’ll be looking at the Menu Bar, it might not sound like it’s something worth looking at initially but there’s plenty of options within it. This detailed explanation of the Menu Bar will be perfect for those confusing moments later down the line so make sure you save this guide for later.



Load and Save

New Level – Creates a new level or a level template depending on what you choose
Open Level – Loads an existing level you previously created
Save Current РSaves the currently open level
Save Current As – Saves the currently only level with the given name
Save All Levels – This saves all the unsaved levels you’ve opened
Open Asset – Loads the asset picker
Save All – This saves all levels and assets
Choose Files to Save – It opens a dialogue box with options to save the levels and content
Connect to Source Control – Opens a dialogue box with check in options for all levels and content



New Project – Creates a new game project
Open Project – Allows you to select a game project to open
New C++ Class – Adds new C++ Code to the project
Package Project –¬†Compile, cook and package your project and its content for distribution.
Generate Visual Studio Project – Opens the C++ code in Visual Studio
Cook Content for Windows – Cooks the project’s content for a specific platform


Import into Level – Imports Actors and Objects into the currentl level
Export All – This exports the entire level to a file on disk
Export Selected – Similar to the one above, this exports selected items to a file on disk


Recent Projects – Shows recently opened projects to switch between.
Exit – Exit the Unreal Engine





Undo – Undo the last completed action
Redo – Redo the last undone action
Undo History – View the entire Undo history



Cut – Cut the selected area
Copy – Copy the selected actor(s)
Paste – Paste the clipboard content into the level
Duplicate – Duplicate the selected contents
Delete – Delete the sectioned content



Editor Preferences – Configure the behaviour and features of the editor
Project Settings – Modify the settings of the currently loaded project
Plugins – Opens the plugins browser



Level Editor

Details – Shows the details panel, you can have up to 4 details panels on the screen at once
Viewports – Shows the 3D Viewport when we can see our level, you can have up to 4 of these at once
Hierarchical LOD Outliner – Displays the HLOD settings and allows the generation of clusters
Layers – Opens the Layers panel
Levels – Shows the Levels panel
Modes – Opens the Modes panel
Sequence Recorder – Opens the Sequence Recorder tab
Sequencer – Shows the Sequencer dialogue box
Statistics – Summons the Statistics panel
Toolbar – Brings up the Toolbar
World Outliner – Opens the World Outliner panel
World Settings – Shows the World Settings panel



Content Browser – Opens up to 4 Content Browsers
Developer Tools – Contains a range of Developer Tools for programmers

Project Launcher – Provides advanced workflows for packaging, deploying and launching projects



Reset Layout – Makes a backup of the user settings and resets the layout customizations
Save Layout – Saves the current layout

Enable Fullscreen – To toggle the editor between fullscreen mode




Documentation – Opens the documentation page
API Reference – Opens the API Reference documentation
Console Variables – Creates a HTML file

Viewport Controls – Opens a list of controls for the 3D Viewport



Tutorials – Opens a dialogue box leading to a range of tutorials



Support – Takes the user to the main support page
Forums – Goes to the Unreal Engine forums
Answer Hub – Takes the user to the AnswerHub to get help from more experienced users
Wiki – Go to the Unreal Engine wiki page

Visit Unreal Engine. com – Navigates to the official website

Credits – Opens a dialogue box with the credits

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