Video Game Journalism: How to Use Quotes

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Last week we took a look at how to obtain quotes and today we’ll be building from this. Now that you’ve obtained a quote, we’re going to be looking at how to use them correctly. It’s actually pretty simple and there are only a few minor things to remember.

Using Quotes

When you have a quote to use it’s important to use it in the best possible way. This is usually by using the quote in full. Breaking up a quote into smaller sequences tends to remove the impact of it and doesn’t help your credibility much as you’re picking and choosing what to use to support you. A whole quote provides much more credibility in terms of support for your piece.

For complicated and technical quotes it might be a good idea to use the full quote then explain what it means so that all readers can understand. If you decide to do this then it’s important to not make fun of the reader for not understanding. Start the sentence with something like “In simple terms, ____ is saying that”. It also shows that you understand what the person is talking about which helps boost your credibility in that field. So if you ever do an article about it in the future, your long-term readers will be more likely to trust what you say.


Tips and Tricks

  • Use a quote in full as breaking it up removes credibility
  • Try to have a short build up to the quote so it doesn’t just appear randomly e.g. “I spoke to ____ and they had this to say”
  • Introduce the person the quote is from in full, give their name and also how they’re reputable. For example, note which development studio they’re from and their role within it.
  • Feel free to explain what a quote means after it


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