Who is Crunchy Nurse?


I am a registered nurse with a background in critical care and emergency medicine.  I have spent the last several years dedicated to the traditional paradigm of medicine.

However, for several years I struggled with infertility.  My husband and I went to several specialists and endured many tests and procedures with no success.

In a last ditch effort, I turned to a holistic practitioner at the recommendation of a friend.  I had always thought of holistic/alternative medicine as some kind of scam or voodoo only practiced by tree hugging hippies.   However, I had tried all the medical treatments with awful side effects and no results. What did I have to lose?

At the recommendation of this practitioner, I began a gluten free diet and a general alternative medicine approach.  The difference in my quality of life is incredible.  I have more energy,  my overall health has improved, and according to my poor husband I’m “a generally nicer person overall.”

When I saw the difference that living naturally was making, I began to do my own reading and researching into the world around me.  I have learned so much about what is in our food, our homes and the world around us. Also, I am now the proud mother of a sweet baby girl, so this research and learning has taken on a new urgency for me. I am excited to share what I have learned.

Part of being a nurse is to educate people on what is best for their health. I am starting this blog to pass along the information I have learned, provide helpful tips, and hopefully improve the general health. However, this blog is not intended to be medical advice. Before you change any medications or begin any lifestyle changes, I would encourage you to speak with your doctor. I would encourage you to ask around and find a doctor in your area that believes in alternative and holistic medicine.  While still somewhat rare, their numbers are increasing.

If you have any questions or suggested topics, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!!

Please, keep your comments family friendly and respectful of each other and the author.