Will the Switch Dominate Console Sales this Holiday Season?

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Earlier this week we took a look at some data that confirms the Switch has dominated the PS4 in terms of the first 26 weeks of sale. The PS4 sold just over 665,000 units while the Switch reached over 1 million. The big question now, is whether or not the Switch will be the console that ‘wins’ this holiday’s sale period. It has some tough competition however.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch has the games, that new console feel and a large potential audience AKA almost every gamer regardless of what platforms they currently own. So it certainly has a strong selling point right now however, Nintendo lacks console bundles at this point which could bring the sales down slightly. Hopefully Nintendo will consider releasing some in time for the holiday period.

Xbox One X

Let’s face it, the XBOX (Xbox One X can abbreviate down to XBOX in-case you didn’t notice) is going to be a very strong seller this Christmas. The Xbox One X Scorpio edition sold out within 12 hours and pre-orders have been flying off the shelves.  Clearly then this console stands a good chance this holiday season with a large number of gamers looking to upgrade to the new console. Regardless of your opinion on the new console, you can’t deny that it is the most powerful console ever created. It has the specs to be a winner but lacks the software that would ultimately sell more copies of it. It will be interesting to watch this console during the holiday period.


PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 family always does well during the holiday period so it seems unlikely that they’ll struggle this year. However, with the Nintendo Switch as a competitor many gamers may opt to pick up the new Nintendo console instead of upgrading to an PS4 Pro. Let’s face it though, the PS4 pro upgrade isn’t that worthwhile unless you own a 4K TV so not many gamers will be upgrading this Christmas.


With all this in mind, which console do you think will win this holiday season?


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