Who is the Worst Killer to Play in Dead by Daylight?

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Now, this is a difficult question. Each killer in Dead by Daylight is unique with their own abilities and perks however, one of them has to be worse than the others right? This is something that’s still highly debated by the community but there’s a couple of possibilities.

The Nurse

Many players argue that the Nurse is the worst killer in the game due to her teleporting ability, Spencer’s Last Breath. This ability has caused a lot of ‘pain’ and upset for players since the killer was introduced, however, many also argue that this killer has a place in the world. Her ability takes a lot of practice to get used to and for that reason, this killer isn’t really for casual players.


The Doctor

His ability may seem to be a little bit weak but a good number of players do enjoy playing this killer. You just probably won’t see them in games too much. This killer is ‘easy’ to play so as a result, feelings towards him are pretty mixed.


The Shape / Michael Myers

He might be a fan favourite but this killer is actually quite difficult to master. He’s just so different to the other killers in the game. His ability is based around lurking and watching the survivors which make him stand out from the crowd. Which is great but this also means that he can be hard to learn.


While there are other killers which have caused upset over the past year, these are the worst ones to play as. That being said, it’s possible to argue that the other ones aren’t too great to play as for different reasons. The Hillbilly, for example, can be difficult to learn and control initially.

What killer(s) do you dislike playing as the most? Why don’t you like them? Let us know!

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