Is the Xbox One Even in the Race This Holiday Season?

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This holiday season will be a difficult time for Microsoft. They might have the great hardware but without the games, they won’t be seeing as many sales as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Is the powerful machine which is the Xbox One X going to be enough to save Microsoft? That’s difficult to say but in reality, probably not.

Let’s face it, without the software there’s almost no reason to purchase a Xbox One. Not when you could pick up a Nintendo Switch and have access to a nice range of games while also knowing that more games are coming soon. Not to mention how great the PlayStation 4 has been this year. Let’s face it though, not many of us will be getting both major consoles so a Switch purchase seems more likely for those gamers who are currently torn between PS4 and Xbox.

However, there’s probably not much to be torn about right now. Sure, there are a few interesting upcoming games for the Xbox but they won’t be coming until 2018. And that’s assuming there are no further delays. Plus most of the games will also be releasing on PC. While it’s great to see Microsoft also supporting their own operating system, it does subtract a little bit from the need to own a Xbox One. Their games have turned into Microsoft Exclusives rather than Xbox One Exclusives. Which is good news for PC owners but not so great news for the console.

As a result, the Xbox One and the Xbox One X probably aren’t even in the running for the best console of the holiday season. Especially not now that the Switch has had such an incredible year with two 10/10 games… assuming you believe that leaked magazine review for Super Mario Odyssey.

Do you think the Xbox One or Xbox One X stands a chance this holiday season? Let us know!


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