Xbox One’s Game Pass has launched


Microsoft announced their Netflix-style earlier this year and the service is finally here. Xbox Live Gold members can now check this new service out. However, it’s not yet available to everyone just yet.

Anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can now access the new service. There’s a special 14-day trial exclusive for Xbox Live Gold members ┬ástarting from today which is free. However, another trial will be coming for those without a subscription to Xbox Live.

Details on this trial are currently very limited but it will be starting on June 1st. It looks as though this trial should also be 14 days long but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this. The company has released a launch video however to introduce the new service.

For those who don’t know, the Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service. It allows users to access a wide range of games and play them in a style similar to Netfelix. However, unlike Netflix users will be downloading those games to their console. There’s no streaming involved with the Xbox Game Pass. Players will also have the option to purchase any game they play through the service for an exclusive discount. It’s currently uncertain how much of a discount players will be given.

In addition to the launch date, Microsoft has also released all of the games players can expect to see on the service. There’s more than 100 games currently in the program and Microsoft has stated that certain games will be rotated out in the future. When games are removed from the program, new games are expected to be added to replace them. These games will be rotated monthly and new games will become available.

The confirmed games include a variety of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The majority of Xbox 360 games are playable on an Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility.

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