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Xbox Scorpio is already making waves


The Xbox Scorpio doesn’t even have a release date yet and the new console is already making more news that the PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft has been slowly releasing more information about the upcoming console and this week has been great for the upcoming Xbox console. The Xbox Scorpio specifications were reportedly leaked earlier this week.

Digital Foundry claimed to have been given a document from Microsoft about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. While the document doesn’t reveal all of the specifications, it did reveal a few pieces of information.

The new console does not contain any ESRAM which is essential for the Xbox One and Xbox One S; however, developers must also optimize games for the Xbox One family. The document revealed that the console will have a 6TF GPU so it will be 4.5x more powerful than the Xbox One. The full details on the report from Digital Foundry can be found in the video, below.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer often responds to questions on Twitter and this time, he responded to a question about compatibility. He stated that there are no guarantees for the future but he intends to keep backwards compatibility for as long as possible. He also responded to another question and confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio will support Native 4K on some games.

While this seems to be good news for the console, there was a strange development yesterday. The Project Scorpio website was updated to remove any mention of VR but Microsoft were quick to respond to media outlets about this. A Microsoft representative stated that the Xbox Scorpio will still offer “high-fidelity VR experiences” in a statement to GameSpot.

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